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Student Proficiency Online Test (SPOT)

Conduct Online Tests for Students in Schools

Welcome to MinervaInfo’s SPOT Application, the ultimate solution for conducting online tests to streamline recruitment processes. Our application offers a seamless experience for both administrators and candidates, ensuring efficiency and accuracy every step of the way.


Unlock Student Potential with SPOT

The Student Proficiency Online Test (SPOT), offered by MinervaInfo, is a powerful assessment tool designed to evaluate students’ knowledge and identify areas for improvement.

Measure Academic Progress

Gain valuable insights into students’ proficiency levels across various subjects.

Benchmark Performance

Compare student performance against peers at a local, regional, or national level.

Personalized Learning Paths

Use data to tailor instruction and support students’ individual learning needs

Flexible Testing Environment

Conduct SPOT assessments in school computer labs or any internet-connected device, making it accessible across India.

Customizable Assessments

School staff can easily import their own test questions into the platform, ensuring alignment with their curriculum and learning objectives.

Exam Center Availability

Having exam centers across India, students can take the test from any center.

Experience the solutions

Why Choose Us

At MinervaInfo, we understand the importance of efficient examination processes for educational institutions. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our cutting-edge Computer-Based Testing Application SPOT

Get the most out of SPOT

The process is easy!


Subscribing to the Plan

Select the pricing plan that best suits your school’s needs, considering the number of students and required features.


Importing the Questions

Follow the provided instructions and template (if applicable) to correctly format your questions for import. Ensure compatibility with multiple-choice, open-ended, or other question types supported by SPOT.


Scheduling the Test

Review all test settings, then finalize the schedule. The SPOT system will automatically notify the designated students and provide them with login instructions.

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You ask, we answer

Have questions about SPOT? We’re here to help! Find quick answers to your questions about SPOT and how it works.

SPOT (Student Proficiency Online Test) is a flexible online assessment platform that allows schools to evaluate student knowledge across various subjects and identify areas for improvement.

SPOT is designed for schools of all sizes and educational levels in India seeking to streamline student assessments and gain valuable insights into academic progress.

SPOT can be used for a wide range of subjects, including Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies, and more. Schools can customize tests based on their specific curriculum.

SPOT results provide valuable data to help teachers personalize instruction, identify areas for improvement for individual students, and track overall class progress.

Yes, schools have the flexibility to import their own test questions, ensuring the assessments align with their specific curriculum and learning objectives.