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We are a web-savvy team with a passion for problem-solving and building great user experiences. And we've been doing it since the 90's. We're a bunch of web geeks and internet old-timers who've seen a few things and invented some, too. We're not just a web development firm.

Work Culture

We at MinervaInfo believe that one has to take a holistic, long-term view in the field of IT with particular emphasis on training of future technologists.

Our Guiding Beliefs

Honesty with ourselves, each other, our clients, and our community. Whatever we say the price will be, we will honor our commitment. We continuously support our team by providing leadership development.

Being good people

We've built strong relationships with clients by developing quality solutions with transparency. Most importantly, after a decade of success, we still believe that being good people is the best marketing strategy.

Trust MINERVA INFO to solve your web challenge

For the past 21 years, we have helped a wide array of customers in many industries build websites, applications, and software. Our expertise includes front-end and back-end web development, system integrations, digital transformations, managed hosting, marketing services, creative design, and more.

21+ years Experience

MinervaInfo was founded in the year 2000 in Shimla, by a US trained entrepreneur with the core vision of providing high end, web based IT solutions in the fields of education, public administration, hospitality, culture and tourism. Minervainfo is currently based in Noida and Himachal Pradesh and its core activities are website designing/hosting, Internet solutions, desktop applications, and training. Ritu Gupta, its founder, is an experienced Web consultant, having trained in and worked in Sri Lanka, UK and India.

25++ Professionals

Minervainfo was established with a team of three people and is focused on employment generation for freshers on flexi working schedules. Currently Minervainfo has strong professional team with expertise in programming, designing, client management and is backed by a strong support system consisting of trained professionals in their respective fields.

200+ Major Projects

Having Implemented for more than 200 major projects’ with diverse clients and under different technical eco systems. Experience in the complete cycle of the program management and QA process.

What We Do

Software program that can be run on a standalone computer to perform a specific task by an end-user.

Technical Consulting

Transform business processes using Web-based technologies to realize efficiency gains and cost savings.

Web Development

Build mobile optimized websites and applications of all shapes and sizes. Build and maintain CSM websites in many platforms.

User Experience & Web Design

Determine the best site or application architecture for usability and clarity. Translate client and user needs to create blueprints that map out the layout and functionality .

UI/Visual Design

Leverage visual and interaction design best practices to delight users and support the established goals of a site or app.

User Experience (UX) Design

Translate client and user needs to create blueprints that map out the layout and functionality of key pages or screens, and the flows between them.

Cloud Services

Identify & evaluate opportunities for effectively leveraging cloud services at all layers of the IT & application stack.

Our Mission

Become essential to our customers by providing differentiated products and services to help them achieve their aspirations.

Our Plan

Achieve business and financial success while leaving a positive imprint on the society.

Our Vision

To give customers a wide assortment of products.

Our Care

Giving Time When You Need It.

Our Values

Remain Focused

We design and build exceptional software, and provide outstanding product consultancy. We are not an 'integrated', ‘full service’ or ‘marcomms’ agency - a jack of all trades. We focus on what we do best.

Create software people love


We take pride in our work and strive for perfection. Our passion for technology should be seen in every product we create and each service we provide.

Turn customers into fans


We act in the best interest of our customers at all times. We care about both the client and their clients - the end user of our products.

Our team is our greatest asset


We believe that if you create a great working environment for people and provide them with the right tools, great products and service will follow.


Our people are passionate about solving problems with technology and always strive to be the hedgehog. These are the values that drive us.

Our Clients

We help our customers connect with theirs.

Featured Work

We've partnered with some pretty great companies since we began in 2000


Managing daily monetary transactions of student fees records, Bus operations, Library, Payroll, admissions all this under one Platform.


OLYMPIAD is a new and innovative way of conducting online examinations. It provides a highly interactive interface, advanced reporting systems and easy accessibility.


Create sites with headless CMSs like Contentful, plus Architect Solutions that integrate Web technologies with business systems and related processes.


Dictionary of Social, Economical and Administrative Terms in India/South Asian Inscriptions. Project of HRD Ministry


Not Finding What You're Looking For?

Share your information and we will contact you if new opportunities fitting your qualifications become available. Currently follwing job oppurtunities are open.

.NET Developer

.NET Developer

  • Role: .NET Developer
  • Functional Area:
    .Net Framework; .Net Web API;

  • Employment Type:
    Full Time, Permanent (2-5 year exp.)
Jobs: 2 Vacancies


  • Role: UI / UX Designer
  • Functional Area:
    AngularJS; Application Designing; CSS; UX; UI;
    Infographics; HTML5; Bootstrap;
    Dreamweaver; HTML; Photoshop
  • Employment Type:
    Full Time, Permanent (2-5 year exp.)
Jobs: 2 Vacancies
Technical Support

Technical Support

  • Role: Technical Support Executive
  • Functional Area:
    Basic Computer knowledge;
    Graduate degree required

  • Employment Type:
    Full Time, Permanent (Fresher)
Jobs: 2 Vacancies

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